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Gothenburg Centre for Marine Research will be part of SEA & SOCIETY from I July 2015

- the new centre for marine activities at Gothenburg University

By facilitating multidisciplinary meetings and activities, we invite researchers and marine actors to use the centre for knowledge building and transfer.

Marine environmental research at the University of Gothenburg is a productive discipline and involves research groups from many faculties. The research topic covers areas of extremely diverse orientation but is often established from an intradisciplinary perspective. We wish to bridge traditional cluster formations and include the multidisciplinary dimension in an effort to strengthen the position of the university as one of the leading academic institutes within marine research in Europe. 

Maritime clusters in The Västra Götaland Region

As a result from an evaluation of the regional maritime strategy in The Västra Götaland Region, strategies to work in structured clusters have been developed.

The evaluation was presented at a conference in Gothenburg 2012, and is summarized in a report "Maritima kluster i Västra Götaland 2012". Six strong clusters were identified. Find more information here (in Swedish).

Report (pdf in Swedish)

Report (pdf in English)

In parallell, a report of strong research environments within the area of marine biotechnology were presented. Download the report here:

Starka forskningsmiljöer (pdf in Swedish)

Ongoing transdisciplinar projects

CodS - restoration and management of cod in the Skagerrak / Kattegatt

A collaborative project between Gothenburg Centre for Marine Research, University of Gothenburg, Swedish Agricultural University, SLU, DTU Aqua and the Institute of Marine Research, Norway.
Co-funded by INTERREG IVA KASK Fund of the European Union

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INTERACT - The interaction of metals and biocides with the selection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Strong Research Environment funded by FORMAS 2012-2016 with 25 MSEK. INTERACT is led by Joakim Larsson in collaboration with professors Dan Andersson (UU), Hans Blanck (GU) and Mats Tysklind (UmU). This spinn-off project results from activities within the graduate school in marine environmental reseach.

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SPEQS - Systems Perspective on Environmental Quality Standards

A research program with the aim to develop new knowledge on Swedish environmental quality standards. Collaboration between University of Gothenburg, Uppsala universty, Luleå university of technology, Umeå university and the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment.

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NICE - Novel instruments for effectbased assessment of chemical pollution in coastal ecosystems

Collaboration project to develop NICE toolbox for effect‐based monitoring and risk assessment of realistic, complex exposure situations.

NICE is financed through the Swedish Research Council Formas as a Strong research environments project and will be ongoing until 2017.

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Zorro (Zostera Restoration)

A interdisciplinary research project focusing on restoration of eelgrass beds and sustainable management of shallow coastal ecosystems. This spinn-off project results from activities within the graduate school in marine environmental reseach.

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 - Commercial shipping as a source of acidification in the Baltic Sea


SHIpH is a collaboration between University of Gothenburg, Chalmers and Uppsala University. The multidisciplinary research project examines the consequences of SOx and NOx emissions from shipping for the Baltic Sea.

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Human health and well being at risk: scenarios for climate change induced harmful microbial blooms along the Indian west coast

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Bambi - Baltic Sea Marine Biodiversity

This project is addressing the potential of adaptation to climate change. Funded via BONUS viable ecosystem call 2012

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CHANGE - Changing antifouling practices for leisure boats in the Baltic Sea

This project aim to reduce to a minimum the supply of toxic compounds from antifouling paints used on leisure boats in the Baltic Sea. Funded via BONUS viable ecosystem call 2012

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In the spotlight

UGOT Challenges

University of Gothenburg is investing SEK 300 million in interdisciplinary research aimed at addressing global societal challenges. The call for Expressions of interest is closed.

The call

You can download a presentation here:

UGOT presentation

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Grand Challenges

Important research areas have been identified to be addressed, at the international level, for better management of planetary resources.
Find high level documents including road map to address these global societal challenges here

Blue Growth Sweden

Blue Growth Sweden aim to form a national collaboration platform with the intention to communicate Swedish interests towards the European Union.

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Information on the EU website

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. By coupling research and innovation, Horizon 2020 builds on three pillars: excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges.

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Planned research lunches

We will organise research lunches on themes such as:

- Riskidentification; assessment and management

- Diffusion mechanisms for marine- and atmospheric systems

Contact us with your ideas on interesting topics for future lunches!




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Spinn-off effects from graduate school projects

Read about ideas that were developed from graduate school project into transdisciplinar projects with funding from national and/or international agencies. More information

News from Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Find the latest marine news here

Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment

A national university collaboration which performs analyses and syntheses of marine research.

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Responsibilities for sustainable use and management of Swedish aquatic environments.


Centre for Environment and Sustainability

Network organisation that promote research and education for sustainable development.

Vattenbrukscentrum Väst

Centre with strategic ambitions to coordinate and visualize aquaculture research.